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Ergonomics is about making sure the work environment fits the worker. The rise of computer technology over the past few decades is astounding. But the single greatest oversight, with regard to this technology, is the way humans interact with the equipment. Whether at home, on the road (mobile ergonomics), or in the office, being in the proper position is the key to comfort, injury prevention and productivity. At Humanspace Ergonomics, we can show you how utilizing a few simple products and techniques, almost any environment can become ergonomic. With ergonomic evaluation, training, and the correct products we will put you in the position to succeed.


Our collection of ergonomic chairs, motion seating, sit to stand options, and ergonomic products are carefully researched before becoming part of our collection. We only choose products that have performed the best over time for our customers. Click on the categories below to see a selection of our products.

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Humanspace Ergonomics offers a full spectrum of services, including: Ergonomic Evaluations, Ergonomic Training, Ergonomic Strategy Development, Chair Fitting, Monitor Fitting, Sit to Stand options, and Mobile Ergonomic tools. The big advantage we have over the online stores is that, at Humanspace Ergonomics, you can try any product before you buy!

Ergonomic Training

Group Ergonomic Training is done in half or full day sessions. The objective is to teach people how to position themselves to be productive and comfortable while minimizing opportunities for injuries. The training begins with a demonstration of the proper ergonomic position and an explanation of how injuries can occur. This is followed by an opportunity for questions and answers.

Next, we perform an “Ergonomic Tune-Up” with each participant in their workspace checking their position and making adjustments and product recommendations if necessary.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomic Evaluations are performed on an individual basis as training or as a response to pain or injury. During these sessions, we evaluate all aspects that may affect a person’s “ergonomic health”. We ask questions about daily life such as driving, sleeping, exercise and other activities.

A detailed written report is provided that details all areas of office ergonomics including hours of usage, chair evaluation, keyboard/mouse usage, work environment and lighting. This report includes recommendations for positioning and products.


Here's what the monitor arm brings to the table.

It may not be mandatory, but the overall viewing flexibility that a monitor arm creates is worth every penny. We recommend one that gives you a range of vertical, horizontal, angular and rotational adjustments. Adjustable height monitor arms help you do far more than set your monitor at a certain height. They also give you the flexibility to orient your monitor for lighting or glare conditions, change heights and angles and viewing depths to relieve eye strain and improve visual performance, and allow different users to easily adjust to their own viewing preferences.


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